the error bar celebrates its first year, looking back at the best story, paper, error, sexiest neural correlate & the latent story of 2021 that the media failed to publish: ai robot dogs that diagnose dementia from body odour  

this story was in episode 23 #2021 #best #worst #sexiest #dogs

the error bar says

the error bar is one year old, cheers!

a lot of podcasts & outlets produce an 'end of year show' around this time - the three that i regularly listen to produced '2021 in review' shows on average 5 days before the end of 2021, that's significantly earlier than year end; the t-values with 2 degrees of freedom is 8.66, and p=.013. please do write in to tell me how you can't run t-tests with less than 30 gazillion datapoints.

here at the error bar we wait until the year is finished before reviewing it. also i had covid over christmas, so really did not feel like dissecting neurobollocks between frequent throat clearances.

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