after 5 weeks away from the brain news, there are mountains of stories to cover. most of the stories are about food, alcohol, ai, dementia, sleep & dogs.  

this story was in episode 24 #brain #science #news #roundup

the error bar says

after a long new year's break at home, i returned to the error bar this week to find a pile of newspapers, magazines & journals the size of a large robot dementia-sniffing dog.

the only way of clearing this blockage is to update the error bar's editorial policy.

as reported in the previous episode's end-of-year round-up, the majority of brain science news stories are about dementia, food, dog behaviour, sex, bodily fluids & artificial intelligence. in the first month of 2022, there have been 12 brain science articles about food & drink, 9 about AI, 5 dementia, 4 dogs & 2 sex; 3 reports about sleep & dreams; 3 about consciousness books.

to clear my inbox, i will no longer cover brain science stories on dementia, dinner, drink, dogs, dirt or droids; stories about sleep, dreams & consciousness will be treated with suspicion. if you don't like it, you can start your own brain science news podcast. i suggest calling it 'the box & whisker podcast'.

what this will allow me to do is to read more science stories & research that is closer to my own interests & less-driven by the media's agenda.