the irish times selects five of the 'unanswered, fundamental questions' in all science. four of them are from physics & one from brain science.  

reported in: The Irish Times by William Reville on 17th February 2022

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the error bar says

science is very big. but as the error bar learnt last year, the science that makes good newspaper stories is really quite small. for brain science it's dogs, dementia, robots & consciousness; for physics it's black holes, dark matter, big bangs & life on other planets.

but if you ask a scientist on the street what are the big, unanswered questions & you'll likely hear about more than just consciousness & dark matter. for example, a biologist might want to know what causes cancer, or why there are no penguins in the northern hemisphere.

in the Irish Times, an Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry selects five unanswered questions from the whole of science. four of them are about space, one is about human consciousness.


what about the penguins?