the official investigation into the mysterious new brain disease in canada over the last two years finds that, in fact, there is no new brain disease. mis-diagnosis explains most of the cases. real & serious, but not new disease.  

reported in: The Washington Post by Amanda Coletta on 24th February 2022

this story was in episode 26 #canada #brain #disease #enquiry

the error bar says

regular listeners will recall that the error bar was amongst the first in the UK to break the news of a worrying new neurological disease in Canada. the cases in Spring 2021 were all clustered around New Brunswick, as we reported in Episode 9.

in episode 21, the error bar boldly updated its listening nerds with news of the controversy that the cluster of disease may - in fact - just be a cluster of mis-diagnoses made by a single neurologist.

in yet ANOTHER UK EXCLUSIVE - i mean, the Washington Post got there first - the error bar can confirm that, yes, this whole story was an error. rather than 48 cases & 10 deaths being due to a new neurological disease, at least 41 of them were other diseases. these include:

"Alzheimer’s disease, Lewy body dementia, Parkinson’s disease, post-concussion syndrome, cancer and paranoid schizophrenia."

perhaps these cases - all real, serious, neurological diseases - were complicated by COVID, lockdown & social isolation.


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