after a two month absence, the error bar rounds up several brain news stories that should otherwise have escaped your attention: the irrationality of worms, fifty years of perception & the best crisps to put in a sandwich  

reported in: The Daily Mail by Shivali Best on 5th May 2022 & The Daily Mail by Shivali Best on 21st April 2022

this story was in episode 28 #worm #hangry #perception #crisp #sandwich

the error bar says

the error bar has been closed for several months. i'm sorry. i have kept myself busy: writing, submitting & publishing papers & working on The Book. more on those stories in future episodes.

for now, in place of a well-researched brain news story, here are three somewhat-interesting pieces of news.

first, the Daily Mail asked if the cause of hunger-related human irrationality - or hangriness - has finally been found. the answer is 'no', because the study they are referring to was about the MML-1 and HLH-30 transcription factors in 1mm-long worms. not about human hunger or rationality.

second, the journal Perception, founded by the late Professor Richard Gregory in 1972, celebrated its 50th birthday. if you're after illusions, historical anecdotes & sensory science, then Perception is the journal for you.

& finally, just in time for the English summer garden party season, the Daily Mail helpfully promotes the exceptionally-high quality & unbiased science that lies behind the announcement, from a leading high street sandwich maker & a leading potato crisp (or chip) manufacturer, that Chicken Tikka & Ready Salted crisps (or chips) are optimal in sandwiches.


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