there must have been a dog science conference recently, because two scientific papers and four newspaper articles are about dogs this week. this week.  

original articles: Riddoch et al., 2022 (Public Library of Science ONE), Marti et al., 2022 (Public Library of Science ONE), reported in: The Daily Mail by Fiona Jackson on 5th October 2022 & The Daily Mail by Johnathan Chadwick on 30th September 2022 & The Independent by Nina Massey on 28th September 2022 & The Daily Mail by Fiona Jackson on 28th September 2022

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fans of the English popular music combo 'Pulp' will recognise the title of this story. in their song 'dogs are everywhere', they predicted:

"Oh, dogs are everywhere
Almost everywhere
That I go
They have too much and then
They have too much again
And then more"

these lyrics from their 1987 album 'Freaks' serve as a remarkable prediction of the state of the British tabloid newspapers' coverage of brain science news in October 2022. here are the dog-related headlines & brain science papers from the last two weeks:

1) "Why stroking dogs is GOOD for you (not that you need an excuse): Petting pooches engages the part of the brain responsible for social and emotional interactions, study finds"

2) "Effects of contact with a dog on prefrontal brain activity: A controlled trial"

3) "From smelling when we're stressed to sensing when we're lying: These are all the things dogs know about us after 30,000 years living alongside humans"

4) "Dogs can sniff out the scent of stress, new study suggests"

5) "Your dog NOSE when you're stressed: Pooches can smell changes in your breath and sweat that indicate you feel under pressure, study finds"

6) "Exploring behaviours perceived as important for human—Dog bonding and their translation to a robotic platform"

i mean six fu[BONG]ng dog stories in one episode.


are there no other studies