87 women went for a walk in the snowy polish countryside. afterwards, they felt better about themselves & their bodies, more compassionate & more connected to nature. we shouldn't worry too much that there was no control group, should we?  

original article: Czepczor-Bernat et al., 2022 (International Journal Of Environmental Research And Public Health), reported in: The Daily Mail by Fiona Jackson on 29th November 2022

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as the long dark nights have brought colder temperatures to the Northern hemisphere & as the snow flops down onto my attic windows, the Daily Mail was quick to report that going for a walk in the snowy countryside can make you feel better about your self & your body.

the study was carried out in a wintry forest on the southern borderlands of Poland. 4 men and 87 women, as part of their pedagogy course, completed some questionnaires about their body image satisfaction, then went for a 40 minute walk in the woods, having been instructed to 'behave normally'.

after the walk, the questionnaires were repeated. the 87 female participants felt more satisfied with their bodies after the walk.

does walking in the polish forest improve how you feel?



a control group would help