the president of stanford university is under investigation for potential image manipulation in several published papers. data detectorists deserve great credit for their tireless work.  

reported in: The Scientist by Katherine Irving on 30th November 2022

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the error bar says

the Scientist dot com reports on the ongoing investigation into whether the President of Stanford University's scientific work is affected by image manipulation, a kind of scientific fraud.

science is supposed to be about impartial evidence. sometimes scientists make mistakes & the scientific processes of pre- & post-publication peer review - like the error bar - are supposed to help find those mistakes & correct them. other times, scientists deliberately manipulate their data, or fail to correct mistakes. mistakes are normal & human; fraud in science is alien.

before Dr Elisabeth Bik started work, many biological images had been published with mistakes. & these mistakes often went un-corrected. Bik has built a career based upon checking tens of thousands of published biological images for potential errors, & reporting them when errors are found. this work has won Dr Bik many friends & many enemies. the error bar is a friend to Dr Bik.

in the latest controversy related to Dr Bik's work, the President of Stanford University, Marc Tessier-Lavigne is being investigated for image manipulation in four or more published papers.

if you'd like some fun activity to pass the time this winter, why not visit to watch the flurry of activity over Tessier-Lavigne's papers?

the error bar will say no more on this issue for now, except for the fact that Dr Bik is our hero. well done & keep up the excellent work.


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