the error bar is closing for several months due to winter refurbishments. the local server is going offline, the beer barrels are being drunk dry & the scientific cynicism is being put on hold. for now. see you in 2023.  

this story was in episode 34 #hibernation #winter #pause #break

the error bar says

the bar has been very busy in the last few months. not opening, serving or talking to customers, but instead finishing work out the back, clearing the office, deconstructing the laboratory.

for the next month at least, the error bar will have no local server to run on. that's because i'm moving from Nottingham to Birmingham. with a timetable depending on my new office, IT & computing situations, the error bar will return, in Spring 2023.

the first two years of business at the error bar have been stimulating, but we are yet to make a profit. or any money at all, to be honest.

the bar's science news reporting has forced me to engage with research papers & topics i never would have. i have read a lot more of the Daily Mail than anyone should. i think i know a lot more now about how scientific papers get attention in the media. my conclusion is a timeless one for academia: it's nothing to do with quality.

i hope by the time the next episode is released that the error bar will have received an entirely arbitrary five thousand downstreams overall. if you want to help make that happen, please consider giving the gift of a subscription to the error bar this Christmas. it costs you nothing, & 100% of the imaginary profits will go directly to help Dr Holmes become slightly less disappointed with most of the brain science covered by the English speaking media.

take care this winter if you are in the Northern Hemisphere. please fight the spread of disinformation wherever you live & in all its many forms. why not start by refusing to promote the pernicious propaganda from the Father of Fake News himself, Santa Claus.


happy christmas