MICHAEL LAND (1942-2020)

professor of neuroscience michael land passed away in december 2020 after a lifetime studying the vision of humans and many other animals  

reported in: The Guardian by Daniel Osorio on 19th January 2021 image source

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Daniel Osorio, Professor of Neuroscience at Sussex University, writes of the death of Michael Land in December 2020, Emeritus Professor of Neuroscience at Sussex.

"The Marco Polo of vision science" - he explored the many ways animals use light; for example prawns use lots of mirrored boxes for eyes. A PhD on scallops, a post-doc on jumping spiders, and a fellowship on venomous snakes and butterflies, he later studied where humans look during everyday tasks like making tea, steering, and playing the piano. A musical, mathematical, nature-loving Fellow of the Royal Society.


rest in peace