scientific journals and societies mourn the loss of the pioneering and productive scientist professor leslie ungerleider, who sorted out the primate visual system in 1982  

original articles: Behrmann, 2021 (Nature Neuroscience), Kastner, 2021 (Neuron), image source

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the scientific journals Nature Neuroscience and Neuron report on the death of Professor Leslie Ungerleider at the end of 2020

Professor Behrmann describes her as an "apeirogon, a generalized polygon with a seemingly infinite number of sides" and a "uniformly brilliant, consumate scientist"

Professor Kastner says she "fostered a culture of curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking"

her career spanned 50 years and as many research topics, but she's best known for her 'what and where' pathways in the visual brain - sorting out the primate visual system in an enormously influential book chapter printed in 1982

Behmann concludes: "Dr. Ungerleider stated that her career comprised one happy accident after another. Statistically, this seems highly improbable"


rest in peace