astrophysics says there are no green stars. this is not a statement about stars, but about the human visual system. the error bar talks to an astrophysist and a psychophysicist to find out more  

original article: Harre & , Heller, 2021 (Astronomical Notes), reported in: Twitter by Jim Al-Khalili on 28th February 2020 & Wikipedia on 10th March 2021

this story was in episode 5 #physics #colour #perception #psychology

the error bar says

a tweet from Jim Al-Khalili in February 2020 said that there are 'NO green stars'. this is interesting, but colour is not a property of stars, it's a property of the brain of whoever is looking at the stars. several Wikipedia articles also cover the story.

the error bar investigated by talking about stars to astrophysicist Dr Ulrike Kuchner and about the human visual system to psychophysicist Dr Christopher Taylor.

see the full discussion here, or listen to episode #5 of the podcast.


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