the quite interesting team tweeted "people are more likely to see the best in others if they interact with them while holding a cup of hot coffee". but this famous finding from 2008 was not replicated by a much much larger study  

original articles: Williams & , Bargh, 2008 (Science), Lynott et al., 2014 (Social Psychology), reported in: Twitter by Quite Interesting on 14th March 2021

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the error bar says

a seemingly-innocuous tweet from the Quite Interesting team at the BBC raised the Replication Crisis Zombie last week

a famous study - published in Science in 2008 - claimed that people who hold a hot cup of coffee (or iced coffee) will experience interpersonal warmth (or coldness) when interacting with others

it is a Quite Interesting idea, but like many Quite Interesting ideas, if you repeat this experiment with 21 times as many participants - as Lynott and colleagues did in 2014 - then it doesn't work



no, they're unrelated