the study found that people who were repeatedly woken up produced longer and less coherent story narratives than people who didn't sleep. differences in creativity were assessed by the experimenter alone and may be biased.  

original article: Horowitz, 2019 reported in: The Daily Mail by Harry Howard on 20th April 2020

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The Daily Mail reports that wearing a glove can tap into your semi-conscious mind and improve your creativity.

the story is based on a Masters thesis by Adam Horowitz at MIT. The research has not been peer-reviewed or published.

in the main study, 2 groups of 25 participants were brought into the lab in the early afternoon. One group was kept awake, and the other induced to be sleepy. at multiple times they were prompted, sometimes given the word 'TREE'. later, they were asked to write a story.

the sleepy group spent longer writing their story, and that story was rated – by the experimenters who were not blinded to condition – as more creative. more objective linguistic analysis showed less clear and cohesive narratives in the sleepy group, taken as evidence of more creativity.

do data gloves boost creativity?

1. this should be peer-reviewed and published before it appears in a newspaper

2. there was a LOT of data analysis, but no mention of statistical corrections

3. assuming it's true, maybe there's a text-length effect that needs correcting?

4. assuming it's true, maybe sleepy people actually write longer, less coherent text?




The Daily Mail: fair - scientific story mostly intact