the goals of open science - to improve access to the methods and results of science - are noble. from time to time, however, these goals are obscured by questionable open science practices - quosps. don't get stung  

reported in: Twitter by Curate Science (EP LeBel) on 16th March 2021

this story was in episode 6 #openscience #bropenscience #QUOSP

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this week's twitter storm in a news teacup involved a website and a project called Curate Science

what seems to have started as a well-regarded EU-funded 2-year fellowship project at the Katholieke Universiteit in Leuven, Belgium, has turned into a what is now widely-regarded by the twitterati as a naming-and-shaming leaderboard run by a rogue lone researcher

conclusion? open science needs to be much more open and much less crap than that

a tunnel into the twitter rabbit hole is provided on our website


keep calm and carry on