as a brain science news outlet established in 2021, the error bar is updating its editorial policy, with a focus on open access stories. also: feedback from you, the made-up listener  

this story was in episode 6 #editorial #policy #feedback #hashtag

the error bar says

following last episode's feature-length discussion of green stars, the error bar has been running at an average of 17 minutes per episode, which is an unacceptably long time to detain each of our 30-odd listeners for. i'm aiming for 14 minutes every 2 weeks - one minute per day

to do this, i'll be sticking to 10 minute news episodes, and a 30 minute discussion every 5th episode. after a discussion episode, there's 4 weeks of brain news to catch-up on, so all the stories will be short, like in this episode

i've analysed the correlation between story duration, and the number of words and characters it contains, so that i should now produce episodes as close to 10 minutes as possible (it's about 120 words per minute)

the 20 news outlets that i check publish an average of one brain science story per day, while there are perhaps a thousand neuroscience papers published every week.

to scale this mountain of brain news, i will only cover news and scientific stories where the full articles are freely available

and my scientific reviews are now being added to the open peer review platform PubPeer

and finally, our mailbox has been overwhelmed by a tweet!

a Professor McDonald of Midlothian writes:

"long-time listener, first time tweeter. love the show, but i think you should use the hashtag #crinfobrainment, which is a contraction of 'critical information-entertainment about the brain'"

thank you Professor McDonald, the error bar agrees

please keep on tweeting us at the usual address, and now using the hashtag #errorbarcrinfobrainmentpodcast