this is a single person's facebook post about a strange symptom after covid19 diagnosis.  

reported in: The Daily Express by Chanel Georgina on 17th April 2020 & The Mirror by Milo Boyd on 17th April 2020

this story was in episode 0 #covid19 #brain #fog #facebook

the error bar says

in case there was not sufficient uncertainty about the coronavirus pandemic, the Mirror and Express took up a story originally reported by Edinburgh Live.

that story reports on a Scottish woman who mentioned feeling a little bit strange on her Facebook account, after having contracted the virus. as if her brain was 'short-circuited'.

does coronavirus cause a freezing brain fog?

original source: One woman's report on Facebook, no controls. mentions isolation...

tabloids: 'reports of new symptoms are increasing' (they can't decrease). enough said.

i'm just going to park that story and move on.


ignore for now


The Daily Express: fiction - no scientific story here

The Mirror: fiction - no scientific story here