the daily mail links three studies which have nothing to do with dementia to dementia. we're not sure why they are doing this, but they are. it's really very strange indeed  

original articles: Koblinsky et al., 2021 (BMC Geriatrics), Kamer et al., 2021 (Alzheimer's and Dementia), Dallas et al., 2021 (Scientific Reports), reported in: The Daily Mail by Johnathan Chadwick on 16th April 2021 & The Daily Mail by Joe Pinkstone on 12th April 2021 & The Daily Mail by Johnathan Chadwick on 14th April 2021

this story was in episode 8 #dementia #teeth #housework #gas

the error bar says

in a trio of articles on dementia, the Daily Mail claims that household chores & brushing teeth prevents dementia, while hydrogen sulphide - a gas that smells like bad eggs - causes it

the first claim - that doing housework prevents dementia - refers to a study of older adults in which the researchers specifically excluded people with even mild dementia

the second claim - that tooth brushing prevents dementia - refers to another study of healthy older adults in which the frequency of brushing was found not to be associated with biomarkers of dementia found in spinal fluid

and the third claim - that a toxic gas in your brain causes dementia - this refers to the electrical & chemical properties of rat brain cells studied in a dish. in a dish!

that's 0 out of 3. no doubt there's more from the Dementia Mail next episode