rarely out of the headlines, the daily mail squeezes elon musk into three science stories this month. the error bar promises never to mention mr musk again  

original article: Simeral et al., 2021 (IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering), reported in: The Daily Mail by Ryan Morrison on 9th April 2021 & The Daily Mail by Johnathan Chadwick on 8th April 2021 & The Daily Mail by Stacy Liberatore on 2nd April 2021

this story was in episode 8 #BCI #BrainGate #neuralink #dinosaur

the error bar says

in another trio, the Daily Musk provides three articles linked to distinguished scientist & philanthropist Elon Mail

the stories are perfectly plausible - that wireless computer systems allow humans to type & monkeys to play games without moving their body & that we can create dinosaurs if we wanted to

the first two stories are correct - brain-computer interfaces have been around for many years, allowing people to control computers without moving. the developments here are in the wirelessness & aesthetics of these systems

on the third story, the error bar does not comment on dinosaurs


goodbye mr musk