nearly 50 people have contracted a new neurological disorder over the past 5 years. all the cases are from new brunswick in eastern canada. sufferers experience rapid-onset dementia, hallucinations & other serious neurological symptoms  

reported in: The Globe and Mail on 18th March 2021 & Government of New Brunswick on 29th April 2021

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over the last 2 months, health officials in New Brunswick in eastern Canada have been reporting cases of an unknown neurological disorder similar to Creutzfeld-Jacob disease

on the 18th March, the Globe & Mail reported on 43 cases, including 5 deaths, since 2015. by the 23rd April 47 cases & 6 deaths had been identified

the new disease affects men & women equally, aged 18-85 years. symptoms include uncharacteristic irritability, anxiety, depression, followed by pain, insomnia, hallucinations, loss of balance & coordination, dementia, muscle spasms, atrophy & even Capgras syndrome - the belief that familiar people have been replaced by imposters

Creutzfeld-Jacob & other prion diseases have been ruled out, but no explanation has yet been found


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