mending its ways, the daily mail reports that sleeping for less than 6 hours over many years is associated with dementia in later life; but the express fails by linking an old study of mice to green tea and alzheimer's disease  

original articles: Sabia et al., 2021 (Nature Communications), Mori et al., 2019 (Journal Of Biological Chemistry), reported in: The Daily Mail by Ryan Morrison on 20th April 2021 & The Daily Express by Chanel Georgina on 25th April 2021

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the error bar says

following the error bar's intervention on its dementia coverage last episode, the Daily Mail has mended its ways & reported on a scientific article that actually relates to dementia

the study involved nearly 8000 people over a 25 year period and found that those who reported - or were recorded as - having less than 6 hours sleep a night had a slightly higher risk of dementia in later life

a rival newspaper takes up the baton of the careful scientific reporting of neurological disease, but drops it during the first changeover. last week, the Express reported news that green tea could help treat Alzheimer's disease. but this headline was sourced from a 2019 study in mice. 2019. mice


but not to green tea


The Daily Mail: fact - scientific story reported well

The Daily Express: fudge - scientific story distorted