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professor friedrich bonhoeffer, who passed away in january 2021, studied the development of the visual brain in chickens & zebrafish, revealing how nerve cells follow chemical signals to find their targets in the embryonic brain  

original article: Baier, 2021 (Neuron), image source

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the scientific journal Neuron reports the death in late January 2021 of Professor Friedrich Bonhoeffer, a physicist, molecular biologist & neuro-embryologist

his contribution includes finding that cells in the embryonic visual brains of chickens & zebrafish create connections & form maps of the world using chemicals that attract & repel the developing nerves

a former PhD student writes of Professor Bonhoeffer's "deep sense of fairness, humility & infectious generosity" & repeats his advice "not to read too many scientific papers" lest it stifle your creativity


rest in peace