well, the evidence is mixed. and, in any case, the two studies mentioned in this 'news' story are over 12 years old.  

original articles: Armstrong et al., 2007 (Clinical Rheumatology), Jorde et al., 2008 (Journal of Internal Medicine), reported in: The Daily Express by Jessica Knibbs on 22nd April 2020

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the error bar says

for some unknowable reason, this week, the Express reports two old studies examining links between vitamin D and depression.

they report a 2008 study on overweight and obese people, and a 2006 study on fibromyalgia – two completely different studies – in which both mentioned depression. in these studies, vitamin D supplements were said to reduce the symptoms of depression.

does vitamin d cure depression?

now clearly this is an important topic – but why drag up these old articles now? if they had looked a little harder, as the error bar has done, they could have found at least 6 systematic reviews and/or meta-analyses of the effects of vitamin D on depression published since 2013. three of these studies concluded there was no effect, and three that there was a benefit of vitamin D on depression.




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