in episode #11 we referred to a study on brain imaging during football penalty taking using some quite strong language. following a complaint, we apologise & accept that the language used should have been much stronger  

this story was in episode 12 #apology #football #penalty #choke #balls

the error bar says

before the news, i need to address a letter we received following our story about football penalty taking behaviour in episode #11: hand, foot, mouth, balls. a listener writes

"Dear error bar

long-time listener, first time complainer. i love the show, but i also love football

you can only imagine my horror listening to the second story in episode #11, about balls

given the care & attention that went into making the study so bad, my young family & i all thought that the host should have used much stronger language. i mean what good's a [BLEEPING] when you could have said [BLEEP] [BLEEPING], [BLEEP], [BLEEP], or even a [BLEEP] or two?

please do better

Dr Exeter, from Buckinghamshire"

well thank you Doctor. we do take all complaints very seriously