40 researchers concerned about an advertiser's influence over our subconscious minds wrote an open letter mentioning the advertiser 16 times, linking to their you tube video & getting stories about them in the daily mail & science magazine  

original article: Moutinho, 2021 (Science), reported in: DxE on 29th June 2021 & The Daily Mail by Stacy Liberatore on 17th June 2021

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in an open letter signed, according to the Daily Mail, by "nearly 40" scientists (er, it's 38), Stickgold & colleagues warn against the possibility that companies might infiltrate our dreams

the researchers argue that planting adverts for products in our dreams is unethical. they say:

"With brain imaging techniques beginning to capture the core contents of people's dreams & sleep studies establishing real-time communication between researchers and sleeping dreamers, the kind of dream incubation until recently assumed to be the pure science fiction of movies like Inception is now becoming reality"

can companies infiltrate our dreams?

no, i don't think so

beyond the hyperbole, one irony is that the 38 researchers mention the brand name of the main advertiser that they are complaining about no fewer than 16 times in their 2000 word manifesto. they link readers directly to the company's advert on you tube & their story was picked up by the Daily Mail - 36 million monthly readers - & Science Magazine - 3 million monthly readers

regular listeners at the error bar will recall that in episode #4, we discussed the claim that researchers can have two-way communication with volunteers during their sleep

the new open letter relies on this same evidence - amongst others - & involves 4 of the same researchers

if the rest of their evidence is as reliable as the earlier dream study, then we have little to fear from whichever major American alcoholic drinks company wants to infiltrate our dreams


cheers! [🎶 beer 🎶]


DxE: fair - scientific story mostly intact

The Daily Mail: fact - scientific story reported well