neuroscience has lost three scholars: allan hobson, richard lewontin and peter lakatos  

original articles: Dietrich, 2021 (Nature), Obleser, 2021 (Nature Neuroscience), reported in: internet source by World Sleep Society on 12th July 2021

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the deaths of three neuroscientists have been announced

the World Sleep Society reported the passing of Dr Allan Hobson, an American MD who studied sleep, dreams & consciousness, and directed the Laboratory of Neurophysiology at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center

Nature and the New York Times carried the obituary for Professor Richard C Lewontin, a geneticist, evolutionary biologist, and an outspoken critic of poor science and of scientific racism

finally, Nature also reports on the loss of Peter Lakatos, a Hungarian neuroscientist working in New York State. he studied the electrical properties of the brain, particularly its tendency to synchronise and osscillate during perception and attention. five years ago he said: "Data was my muse and I followed wherever it led me."


rest in peace