after 14 episodes, a busy year, and a very busy week, the error bar hangs up his nit-picking tweezers for a few weeks while the british summer passes without note  

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, 2021 (Nature),

this story was in episode 14 #break #holiday #leave #downtime #metime

the error bar says

dear listeners,

thank you for your continued patronage of the error bar - a podcast that picks holes in the English-speaking world's brain science news stories

i am taking a summer break from casting pods. this week has been much busier than i expected - sorry that the episode arrived late - for two good reasons

first, i was back in my lab at the university of nottingham, setting up equipment and digging out data for this summer's band of masters students to analyse - that's right people, academics typically work all through the summer!

second, as some of you may have read about on twitter, or heard about on Germany's DeutschlandFunk radio, a lot of my time this week has been taken up by the opinion piece that Nature magazine asked me to write, and the various comments and follow-ups. in it i argued that we should criticise our own work much more, and much more openly, to help science move forward faster and straighter - there's a link to the opinion on the error bar's website

have a lovely summer in the Northern hemisphere, a lovely winter in the Southern, and a lovely damp, overcast season in Britain. i'll catch up with you at the error bar in about four weeks' time, with a 95% confidence interval of 4 to 6 weeks