the newspapers are all lining up to give free advertising space to a major biscuit manufacturer after an unidentified report released on world biscuit day revealed it's better to have the chocolate facing down  

reported in: The Sun by Julia Atherley on 15th July 2021 & The Mirror by Paige Holland on 9th July 2021 & Irish Mirror by Michelle Cullen on 9th July 2021 & The Daily Mail by Shivali Best on 8th July 2021

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if you run a company selling something, a good way to get a yard of free newspaper columns advertising your product is to get a scientist from Oxford to write a scientific report about how to use your product, then to release that report, on the World Day for your product, then tease the press and the public with insufficient information about sample sizes, experimental designs, or standard deviations

that's what happened on World Biscuit Day, as reported in all the media last week

i ran out of patience on this story, dear listener - virtually every newspaper and science website ran a story about how it's better to eat biscuits with the chocolate down, and every article mentioned 'a report' or 'the report' that was released by the company, whose name i am withholding. but i could not find that report or a link to it anywhere. it's a phantom

the biscuit science has been suppressed. will we ever know the truth?

[editorial comment, 1st October 2021: the biscuit science was revealed exclusively to me by Dr Hark Mazaltov, who found the evidence here]


evidence unavailable


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