the daily express has lined up a series of male physicists to explain the mysteries of the human mind & brain. no psychologists or neuroscientists were available for comment  

reported in: The Daily Express by Sebastian Kettley on 9th July 2021 & The Daily Express by Sean Martin on 4th July 2021

this story was in episode 14 #physics #mind #mystery #macho #ignorance

the error bar says

silly season is here! for listeners unfamiliar with the concept, 'silly season' is the period over summer in the UK where government, the judiciary, schools, universities & the media all stop working. every single man, woman & child downs tools & takes a well-deserved three month vacation, before the serious work begins again in October

wikipedia informs us that other languages call this period 'cucumber time'. during silly season, the media is staffed entirely by unpaid interns waiting for their exam results. it traditionally leads to silly stories being published

the Daily Express - hardly a source of sensible science news at the best of times - makes a flying start to their own silly season of science with two articles about physics & the brain

first, they inform us that Professor Brian Cox, the TV physicist & keyboard player ultimately responsible for the political success of Tony Blair, says that there is no human soul. right, problem solved

next, cosmologist Max Tegmark is wheeled out to inform us that humans' perception of time is just an illusion. great - thank you!

i'm so glad we psychologists & neuroscientists can look to physics for answers to the really difficult questions in life. Aristotle and Kant can finally rest in peace




The Daily Express: fudge - scientific story distorted

The Daily Express: fudge - scientific story distorted