a meta-analysis of nearly 50000 people's drinking habits & cardio-vascular health finds that drinking up to a bottle of wine a day is no worse for your heart than not drinking at all. tabloid gold!  

original article: Ding et al., 2021 (BMC Medicine), reported in: The Daily Mail by Johnathan Chadwick on 27th July 2021

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the error bar says

in one of the only Daily Mail headlines without a single word in BLOCK CAPITALS, we learn that six pints of beer a week is good for our heart.

it's not a neuroscience article - apologies - but it is an article about beer, something the error bar is very interested in.

the claim is from a meta-analytic study of different levels of alcohol intake & cardiovascular health. across 12 studies & three databases, researchers pooled nearly 50 thousand people's data.

the conclusions seem well-supported: all levels of alcohol intake - up to a bottle of wine a day - seem to be better for you than not drinking at all. that's good news for error bars everywhere.

the only snag is that the 'not drinking at all' group included people who gave up drinking because of poor health. taking these people better into account will likely decrease the apparent health benefits of booze.


cheers! [🎶 beer 🎶]