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a review of numerical cognition research in the conversation was reported verbatim in the metro, referred to as 'study shows...' in the mirror & as 'study finds...' in the express. mad as a hatter!  

reported in: The Daily Express on 19th August 2021 & The Mirror by Emily Sleight on 9th August 2021 & The Metro by Silke Göbel on 30th July 2021 image source

this story was in episode 15 #alice #wonderland #numbers #rabbithole

the error bar says

sitting on a grassy bank during a short break from my summer holiday at the University of Nottingham, one of our many resident rabbits approached me. it took out a pocket watch, looked at the numbers, looked back at me, twitched & hopped towards the Portland Building. i knew that i must follow it.

i followed the rabbit into the news agent & was led towards the Daily Express & a headline reporting that animals can recognize numbers just as well as children.

"Well! What a curious claim! I bet there's a solid piece of science behind this unlikely headline!" I found myself saying out loud like a pompous little girlie. lucky there's no-one else on campus.

in the second paragraph of this unlikely article, among other details, The Express reported that the report was first reported in The Mirror. "oh dear! I don't normally read The Mirror", i said, as a security guard approached.

so i followed the link & picked up The Mirror where, this time in the third paragraph, among other details about the very same story, The Mirror reported that the report was first reported in the Metro. "The Metro? but i don't normally read The Metro!" the worried security guard heard me say. "oh dear!", i said. "oh dear!"

so i followed the link & picked up The Metro where, this time in the thirty-seventh paragraph, The Metro reported that this whole report that the Metro had reported verbatim & The Mirror had reported was from The Metro & The Express had reported was from The Mirror, was originally reported in The Conversation.

and it was by Dr Silke Göbel, a number psychologist from the University of York. "oh dear! oh dear! don't journalists do any research any more?" I asked, as the security guard applied the cable ties to my wrists.


follow the bunny


The Daily Express: fiction - no scientific story here

The Mirror: fiction - no scientific story here