in time for christmas, sussex professor anil seth has written a book about consciousness, self & reality. it has been reviewed widely in the media & is available from bookstores, both good & bad  

original article: Seth, 2021 reported in: The New Scientist by Anil Seth on 1st September 2021 & The Irish Times by Joe Humphreys on 16th September 2021 & The Guardian by Gaia Vince on 25th August 2021

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the error bar says

promoting his new book: Being You, the New Science Of Consciousness, Professor Anil Seth of the Sackler Centre of Consciousness Science at the University of Sussex is popping up all over the media - in the New Scientist, the Guardian & the Irish Times, at least.

according to the media reports - some of which are behind paywalls - Seth argues that the very hard problems of human consciousness - that's how & why we feel subjectively aware & conscious of the world - are finally beginning to be solved.

another central argument picked up by the media seems to be that our perception of reality is just an illusion constructed by the brain.

sadly, i'm out of time to fact-check these large claims. instead, what i will say is that this book sounds like a great Christmas stocking filler for error bar nerds. you could listen to an undergraduate lecture of mine on philosophy of mind over at my youtube channel. or, instead, you can check out Professor Seth's slick website.

disclaimer: consciousness is a non-physical, immaterial, epiphenomenal emergent property of the physical brain which has nothing to do with microtubules. the error bar can almost certainly guarantee that all books that claim to explain consciousness - like Daniel Dennett's "Consciousness Explained," published thirty years ago - won't.


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