neuroscience has lost three highly influential scientists: robert allen gardner, mortimer mishkin and nadia chaudhri  

reported in: The Washington Post by Emily Langer on 6th October 2021 & The Scientist by Lisa Winter on 5th October 2021 & The Scientist by Lisa Winter on 7th October 2021

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the news media reported the deaths of three influential neuroscientists.

Robert Allen Gardner, linguist & ethologist, is best-known in psychology for his work with Washoe the chimpanzee, whom he helped teach American Sign Language. Robert & Beatrix Gardner raised Washoe in their home until she was five. during that time, Washoe is reported to have learnt 350 signs & to combine them into meaningful sentences. she was moved to the University of Oklahoma, where she died, aged 42, in 2007.

Mortimer M Mishkin worked at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the USA for sixty years from 1955 until recently. his latest paper was published in february this year in the journal of neuroscience. he is best known for his work with Leslie Ungerleider, who died a year ago, on the general organisation of the primate visual system. in their model, the primate brain divides the work of vision into two streams - one for identifying what an object is, the other for identifying where it is.

finally, if you're one of the 150 thousand twitter users who follow her, or the millions more who have been touched by her posts, last week the world lost Nadia Chaudhri. Professor Chaudhri worked on the psychology & neuroscience of drug & alcohol abuse at Concordia University in Montreal. in the last few months she has raised a million dollars [this & this] to encourage students from disadvantaged backgrounds to study neuroscience.

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