two large replication & manylab collaboration papers came out this month. they represent major steps forward for improving neuroscience practice  

original articles: Pavlov et al., 2021 (Cortex), Schilling et al., 2021 (NeuroImage),

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in a growing, & encouraging trend in modern psychology & neuroscience, two more 'ManyLabs' papers have been published.

i didn't have the time - or frankly the energy, dear listener - to read either of them, so i will just plagiarise the abstracts of the two papers for you.

#EEGManyLabs is "a large-scale international collaborative replication effort" in which dozens of authors identified 27 important studies & papers using the method of electroencephalography, or EEG - a technique for recording electrical brain signals from the heads of healthy humans. they've chosen 20 of them to replicate & the work is underway. we'll report on the results when they're out!

the second worthy collaboration study is at the other end of the analysis pipeline - "what happens when 42 groups dissect 14 white matter bundles on the same dataset?". Diffusion Tensor Imaging, or DTI, is an imaging method that allows you to trace where the brain's white matter goes - to which regions does it connect?

well, the result of many scientists using 57 different methods of finding white matter connections in the brain is, err - many different results.

many more research studies are required.


many congratulations