the mysterious brain disease in canada, first reported in episode #9, returns to the headlines as a canadian neuropathologist dismisses evidence of a new cluster of disease  

reported in: The Globe and Mail by Kevin Bissett on 26th October 2021 & The Globe and Mail by Greg Mercer on 27th October 2021 & The Guardian by Leyland Cecco on 16th November 2021

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the error bar says

in April this year, we reported on a new cluster of neurological cases in New Brunswick, Canada. the symptoms were varied, but similar to Creutzfeld-Jacob & other neurological diseases. the error bar told you to 'stay tuned' & by God we meant it.

we can now report in a world non-exclusive that Dr Gerard Jansen from the University of Ottawa reported to the Canadian Association of Neuropathologists that all eight deaths from this new disease that he investigated were, in fact, mis-diagnosed, but well-known disorders.

of the 48 cases that were investigated, 46 were referred by a single neurologist, & no cases occurred outside this neurologist's catchment area.

Alzheimer’s, metastatic cancer, frontotemporal degeneration, Lewy body disease, & vascular disease were offered as alternative diagnoses.

while Dr Jansen has only submitted an abstract, patients, relatives, doctors & politicians are now arguing over the cause(s) of this cluster of disease.

the Guardian digs deeper, finding accusations of incompetence & blocking of investigations. they even cite an anonymous scientist saying that the whole thing is "rookie epidemiology".

then it gets weird. some of those seeking to show an environmental cause for the illnesses, point to increased levels of blue-green algae neurotoxins found in a local lobster.

in a local lobster.

in unrelated news, lobster fishing is a major industry in New Brunswick.

a new report into the deaths is expected next year.

is this a new disease or human error?


stay tuned