a couple who experienced years of sickness related, they claim, to a nearby wind farm, have won a legal case in france. their symptoms sound a lot like havana syndrome, migraine & other stress-induced malaises...  

reported in: The Guardian by Kim Willsher on 8th November 2021

this story was in episode 22 #wind #turbine #syndome #Havana

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journalists from the Guardian went to Toulouse, France, to report on the story that a Belgian couple have been awarded one hundred & ten thousand euros after a wind farm - 700 metres from their house - damaged their health.

in another case of wind turbine syndrome, the afflicted couple reported "headaches, insomnia, heart irregularities, depression, dizziness, tinnitus & nausea for more than two years".

regular listeners to the error bar will recall episode 17, Havana Syndrome, in which we reported that the Russians & Chinese are definitely, definitely, for sure, firing precise, ultra-powerful microwave mind rays to disturb the psychological well-being of America's top spies.

recall the BBC reporting that Havana syndrome involves "a low hum, intense pressure in the skull, a pulse of pain, heat or pressure, dizziness and fatigue that lasts for months."

that's right: neither Havana Syndome nor Wind Turbine Syndrome are psychosomatic syndromes caused by stress. there's always a sinister explanation; the truth is out there.

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skeptical scientists told the Guardian that these are "sociological phenomena", caused by local activists' negative expectations, whipping the locals into a fine hypochondriac mousse.


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The Guardian: fact - scientific story reported well