in episode 14, the error bar bemoaned the failure of scientists to stop the hype over mirror neurons - interesting sensory motor brain cells in certain parts of the brain. but this was a general moan. not directed at any specific scientist  

this story was in episode 22 #mirror #neurons #clarification #hype #spin

the error bar says

the error bar is put together in a whirlwind of reading, critiquing & editing on top of a busy schedule. occasionally, the error bar errs.

one thing i've been doing is to poach...

poach? i'll try that again.

one thing i've been doing is to ppst each story onto the peer review platform pubpeer.com, so that anyone using this great service can also find the podcast coverage.

the problem, as highlighted this week by one of the authors of a study i reviewed in summer, is that the discussion may be 'taken out of context'.

in episode 14, SILLY SEASON, i complained that the media & some unnamed scientists were talking nonsense about mirror neurons, that they had been doing this for decades & that they need to stop.

the story itself was prompted by a review of the benefits of watching others move in neurological rehabilitation. but the authors of that review article - Ryan & colleagues - had nothing to do with the hype & spin that i was complaining about.

i am sorry for the mis-understanding i created. i shall try to be more clear about [at] whom my ire is aimed.