the british medical journal continues its christmas season by publishing bogus guidance for reporting underwhelming studies. it's worth a read & it's only partly parody.  

original article: Bauer, 2021 (British Medical Journal),

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academics have a sense of humour, honest.

to prove this, several journals have traditions of publishing amusing or spoof articles at christmastime. a favourite of mine is Bones & Johnson's 2007 article in Perspectives on Psychological Science, explaining how psychologists are running out of naive participants for the Implicit Association Test, & arguing that tests on the unborn & the dead were now warranted.

in a similar vein, in the British Medical Journal, Greta Bauer is bemused by the volume of publications telling you how to publish, stretching to publications of guidance for drawing up publication guidance.

in response, Professor Bauer has produced BOGUS - the Biased Outcome reporting Guidelines for Underwhelming Studies (BOGUS) statement and checklist. you can use Bauer's very helpful wine-stained flowchart to decide how, what & where to publish your work, regardless of its merit.

it seems very likely that this will be used, by some, without irony.


very helpful