evolutionary & brain sciences have lost four esteemed members: henry plotkin, teuvo kohonen, edward o wilson & richard leakey.  

reported in: Twitter by Sophie Scott on 17th December 2021 & Twitter by BrainsOnWaves on 14th December 2021 & The BBC on 3rd January 2022 & The BBC on 27th December 2021

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the deaths of four prominent neuroscientists & evolutionary scientists have been announced.

Professor Henry Plotkin, former head of department at University College London, worked on evolutionary concepts including the Darwin Machine and Universal Darwinism.

Professor Teuvo Kohonen, a Finnish computational neuroscientist who devised the concept of self-organising maps in the brain, then coded it in Matlab.

Professor Edward O Wilson, the American naturalist famous for working on ants, for sociobiology, affectionately known as 'Ant Man' and 'Darwin's natural heir'.

& Professor Richard Leakey, Kenyan paleontologist, ivory-burning conservationist, double-amputee, & part-time politician, famous for promoting Africa as the birthplace of humanity.


rest in peace