in a post-christmas music quiz, the bbc's counterpoint asked a contestant which neurotransmitter in particular is released by listening to music. the correct answer, of course, was dopamine. i mean, where do i even begin with this?  

reported in: The BBC by Paul Gambaccini on 27th December 2021

this story was in episode 23 #dopamine #music #serotonin #quiz

the error bar says

after six days of quarantine, the last thing i needed was a BBC radio 4 quiz host telling me that listening to music specifically releases dopamine in the brain, that dopamine is the 'happy hormone', that that's all there is to say on the subject of music neuroscience & that the contestant who answered 'serotonin' was, in fact, wrong.

i will not patronise the good nerds of the error bar by wasting precious seconds explaining why neither the question, nor the answer, makes any sense at all.


merry christmas


The BBC: fudge - scientific story distorted